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About us

Singularity Lab develops projects using virtual and augmented reality technologies, as well as interactive media. Our company relies on innovative technologies, sleek design and intuitive user experience.


We value honesty and the pursuit of growth. Due to these qualities, we have created and maintained a special atmosphere in the office, which allows us to work with pleasure. It is in such conditions that the best results are born.


Enthusiasm for work is the key priority for us. People in our team are not only the high-caliber professionals, but also the fellow thinkers, who are ready to create unique innovative projects of the global level.


Also, we adhere to transhumanist views, in particular the theory of technological singularity.


Virtual reality

Virtual reality allows to immerse the user into virtual world, which is perceived as a real one.  Thanks to the latest virtual reality headsets, such as Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, we are able to recreate any environment and implement any scenarios. At the same time, the level of graphics reached photorealistic levels. This technology creates unlimited possibilities for business, education and entertainment.


Singularity lab was the first in Kazakhstan who started working with virtual reality, that is why we have gained a maximum amount of experience in implementing such projects.


We can embody any ideas with complex solutions in virtual reality. We are also ready to present our own projects and ideas, which can be interesting for investors.


Augmented reality

Augmented reality technology allows to add virtual objects to the real world and to interact with them. The most optimal way to experience this technology is by using augmented reality glasses. Tablets, screens and projections can also be used for this purpose. Technical solutions within this technology provide incredible opportunities in professional activities and education, with unique differences from the technology of full immersion.


Experience, gained from projects completed by Singularity lab, allows us to state confidently, that we are able to fulfill various projects using the latest generation of augmented reality technology.


Interactive technologies

Singularity lab works at the junction of art and technologies, implementing comprehensive interactive projects, including high-tech museums, exhibitions, presentations and events.


Technological solutions that we apply include high-resolution interactive projections, controlled by gestures, touch or even voice. They also include kinetic installations, 3D mapping and spherical projections. We use a wide range of technical solutions, and their combinations give endless possibilities for realization of any ideas.


Our team can implement projects of high complexity at all stages of work, from engineering solutions to design and programming.


our Team

  • Saifullin Damir

    Saifullin Damir

    CEO & Founder

  • Isabekov Amal

    Isabekov Amal

    Senior Developer

  • Mustafin Baurzhan

    Mustafin Baurzhan


  • Trusov Alexandr

    Trusov Alexandr

    3D artist

  • Karieva Aigerim

    Karieva Aigerim


  • Ryssaliyev Islam

    Ryssaliyev Islam

    Illustrator/Level design

  • Konurkuljin Dias

    Konurkuljin Dias


  • Koishigarin Arman

    Koishigarin Arman


  • Jokhar Ali

    Jokhar Ali


  • Abzal Toremuratuly

    Abzal Toremuratuly


  • Sadenov Alisher

    Sadenov Alisher


  • Mussinov Aslan

    Mussinov Aslan


  • Khaliullin Yaroslav

    Khaliullin Yaroslav