Interactive Museum

Balgimbayev communications
development centre

Singularity Lab has developed and implemented the concept of an interactive museum of oil history of Kazakhstan in the Balgimbaev centre of development and communications in Atyrau city.

This project was completed
in record time - less than 3
The space has 5 main zones:
Oil production pipeline
Oil industry map
Historical path
Wall of glory and Wolrd of Oil

The pinnacle of the museum is a Drop - kinetic installation representing the main product of Kazakhstan. It is made of black artificial stone, and in its production unique molding technologies were applied to achieve smooth shapes and symmetry.

Oil production pipeline
Oil production pipeline visualizes the whole process of oil production using modern technologies. Moreover, each individual step allows you to learn more about the technology using additional menus and interactive elements.
Oil industry map
The Oil Industry Map zone has 4 main layers, showing fields, operating enterprises and refineries, as well as oil pipelines and transport infrastructure of Kazakhstan.
Using interactive panels, the user can display the information of interest to the projection for visualization, and the basic information about each object on the map can be obtained on the panels itself.
Historical path
The Historical path zone is the largest and most informative museum zone. It shows the long way of Oil industry of Kazakhstan - from the first discoveries to the present day. The zone is divided into 3 main sections according to historical eras - the Russian Empire, the Soviet Union, and Independent Kazakhstan.
A single “Time Line” passes through all sections with the information on the most important events. On each interactive panel, the user can view all the events of the era, as well as learn more about each, including photos and video materials.
The Wall of Glory
Although the Wall of Glory does not have a technological basis, is a very important addition to the museum. It perpetuates honored people whose actions have allowed the oil industry of Kazakhstan to flourish. The concept of visual style and spot lighting was specially selected for an additional effect.
World of Oil
The World of Oil Zone is the most spectacular and diverse area of the museum. The very form of the structures and the lighting create a futuristic look and make a lasting impression on visitors. The zone is equipped not only with interactive interactive panels, but also with holographic displays.
This zone is dedicated to the whole variety of products derived from oil. It makes it clear that oil is used not only to fuel our cars, but also to produce cosmetics, plastics and even food additives.