Augmented reality

General description

Augmented or mixed reality allows adding virtual objects to the real world and to interact with them. The technology may be implemented on powerful smartphones, tablets and using special augmented reality glasses, while the market volume is estimated by hundreds of millions of users.

For more than 5 years, Singularity Lab has been developing projects using augmented reality technology. Currently, our team owns unique experience and advanced tools.

Augmented reality

Smartphones and tablets.
The most massive platform. Through the smartphone screen, the user looks on the world, which is complemented by virtual objects. At the same time, the phone position in space is tracked. It supports flagship devices starting with the iPhone 6S and Samsung Galaxy S7. The number of users is estimated at hundreds of millions of users.

Augmented reality glasses.
It is a much more advanced version of the technology, allowing not only to truly see the augmented reality but also to interact with it in a natural way with the help of gestures.

Stationary screens.
It is a variation of augmented reality for static installations, expositions, sights and exhibitions. The screen size and the power of a stationary computer allow creating a rich visual experience for a large number of visitors.


PR campaigns and Events

Augmented reality is a perfect solution for brand promotion, increasing user engagement and holding important events.


Augmented reality allows making the learning process much more visual and interactive, thereby increasing the learning efficiency.

Gaming applications

Due to the success of Pokemon Go, the use of game mechanics together with augmented reality has huge commercial potential.


Guided tours of the museum, city or even historical sites can now be complemented not only with audio but also with visual content that will even “animate” the exhibits and objects.

Supervising and production assistance

Chief engineers and specialists can now observe employees and point out failures in an augmented reality format.