AR Calendar for Freedom Holding

Interactive AR calendar
for employees and clients

In this post, we want to tell you about our recent project with Freedom Holding, one of the largest financial conglomerates in Europe and Central Asia. We developed an augmented reality calendar for them, which allows users to see animations of different products of the holding by pointing their phone at the calendar.

Augmented Reality

is a technology that adds virtual objects to the real world through a smartphone camera or special glasses. This allows for interactive and immersive experiences for users who can interact with virtual objects as if they were real.

Our task
was to create a calendar that not only shows dates and holidays, but also demonstrates the diversity of the holding's business directions. We came up with 12 animations for each month, reflecting the holding's products and services: brokerage services, banking services, insurance, investments, education, etc. Each animation has its own style and color scheme that matches the holding's brand.

Project goal
was to showcase the diversity and innovation of the holding's products, as well as increase employee loyalty and engagement. We used our own platform to create and distribute content in augmented reality, which makes it easy and fast to create interactive scenes and integrate them with any print materials.

We used Web AR technology to implement the project, which allows launching augmented reality through a browser without the need to install additional applications. This makes the process simpler and more accessible for users. To activate augmented reality, it is enough to scan the QR code on the calendar or follow the link.
We are proud to have become partners with such a large and successful holding as Freedom Holding and hope for further cooperation. If you want to order a similar calendar for your company or learn more about our services in the field of virtual and augmented reality, interactive technologies and games, contact us via Telegram @singularitylab or by phone +77771191415.