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Education and virtual worlds

Virtual worlds are recently new phenomena in that they enable people to meet and socially interact with others in a variety of online environments.

VR psychology

The process of developing VR games is somewhat different from the production of conventional games, and an understanding of the psychology of the players is a separate pillar. We suggest to understand this curious process on the part of developers

VR web

Getting online in virtual reality is possible today, but it certainly isn’t easy

VR immersion devices

If the idea that VR is really possible is new to you, this guide can help you figure out why this is happening and what you should be thinking about next.

VR system: how does it work?

VR technology can really impress. But how does this system work, and how are virtual reality glasses arranged?

History and future of VR

VR is either going to upend our lives in a way nothing has since the smartphone, or it’s the technological equivalent of trying to make “fetch” happen. But either way, virtual reality represents an extraordinary shift in the way humans experience the digital realm.

What is VR?

Virtual reality is a technology that completely replaces human reality, immersing it in an artificial environment, which is perceived as real.

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