Samsung VR experience - BESPOKE

Virtual showroom

Discover the pinnacle of our VR expertise with the Samsung VR Bespoke Experience.
Utilizing Unreal Engine 5, we present an unparalleled virtual tour of three photorealistic apartments, each outfitted with Samsung's premium Bespoke appliances.


Realistic Virtual Environments
Explore three distinct, fully-realized apartments, each a canvas for Samsung's Bespoke range.
Interactive Elements
Engage with the appliances - change colors, start functions, and explore their features in a hands-on manner.

Information at Your Fingertips
Access videos and detailed information about each appliance seamlessly within the VR experience.
Wow effect and sales increase
Create a lasting impression for your customers that will increase sales and brand loyalty.

This portfolio project showcases our versatility in VR, transcending beyond just home appliance demonstrations. It's a testament to our commitment to innovative and create stunning immersive technology solutions.