IT Center - Digital Urpaq

Singularity Lab participated
in creating a unique IT
center for schoolchildren in
Petropavlovsk together
with Bi-Group.

The opening of the center was timed to The summit of border states and its visited by the Presidents of Russia and Kazakhstan.

Singularity Lab developed complete entertainment solution. Totaly was created 5 unique zones, including: Terraria, Sport Games, Virtual Reality zone, Live Drawings and Class of knowledge.

Central entertainment zone, the theme of which - eco-technology, sustainable urban development and the balance of nature and human. Zone divided into 3 parts, each of which represents one of the parts of Kazakhstan is the North, Southeast, West.
The goal of the players is to clean the urban and natural areas from the harmful influence of human and to contribute to transition to eco-technology. To do this, visitors need to win in a series of games, each contribution to their contribution to the growth of the zone.
Th central part of the zone, Crystal of Life, is an indicator of progress and growth. Every time players win games, energy flows into the crystal, enhancing its glow.
Teamwork is the key to victory in Terraria, thus demonstrating the imprortance of collective responsibility for improving the environment in our country and around the world.
Sport Games
The most active zone, allowing players to release all energy. The main part of the zone - interactive projection into which players throw balls and destroy virtual castles, by analogy with the famous game Angry Birds. There are possible both team competitions and individual matches.
The second part of the zone - Rock of Augmented Reality. Players can play ping pon using their bodies, while holding onto a climbing wall. Not physically easy, but very interesting game.
Virtual Reality Zone
In this area, visitors can immerse themselves in virtual reality with the latest equipment. In the first part of the zone, 3 sets of full virtual reality are installed, where visitors can try the best games and educational adventures.
The second part consist of three virtual reality simulators, allowing in a unique format to take part in horse racing or racing cars.
Live Drawings
Unique interactive are for the youngest visitors. Here, children paint special drawings, which then come to life on a large projection wall using a scaner.
Children can further interact with their animated drawings, feed them and play with them.
Class of Knowledge
The zone consists of the most modern sensor tables with a 4K resolution and a large selection of education and entertainment programs. The main purpose of the Knowledge Class - is to show the children that learning can be interesting and exciting.
The whole project was developed
in record time - 4 months.
Based on the experience and achievements of the Singularity Lab the quality of perfomance was at the international level, which resulted in high marks from the Head of the North Kazakhstan region , Head of the Office of the President and even the Presidents of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation.