Thanks to the support of the
company Chevron, we have
developed the first in
Kazakhstan and CIS social
simulator in the virtual reality.

The aim of the project is to teach the young generation to make correct choices in difficult situations related to drugs and unprotected sex.

Learning is achieved through immersion in the simulation using virtual reality technology. The user enters a fictional story in the first person, with the ability to choose the gender of the protagonist, according to the gender of the player.

The game’s plot tells the story
about the party for teenagers
held in the apartment of the
protagonist’s friend.

After arriving there with their friend, the participant of the simulation becomes a subject to various temptations, at first less dangerous, such as alcohol and marijuana, and then much more dangerous – unprotected sex with an unfamiliar partner and injection of drugs.

Everything depends on the choice of a user, if he or she agrees to try everything, then the outcome will be sad – the protagonist will be infected with HIV. On the other hand, if the user will be wise and, for example, will use a condom and refuse the drugs, then the ending will be positive.

In this simulator we have tried to get as close as possible to the real situations and dialogues, thus providing an opportunity to learn to recognize and respond to such dubious offers.

It was a unique experience for us from the technical point of view. The thing is, that there were no ready-made solutions for creating virtual reality simulations at the time of this project. Therefore, in the process of implementation, we have developed many unique techniques and “best practices”.