Artificial intelligence

General description

Artificial Intelligence has many directions and is very differently perceived by people. Undoubtedly, the revolution it has already triggered will be a key factor in the future success of almost any company.

Singularity Lab is ready to offer its customers the development of solutions based on the latest AI technologies from leading companies in the world such as Google, Amazon and Microsoft.


Cloud Solution.
Created and configured by our specialists, AI will work in the cloud, with 24/7 availability from anywhere in the world. This method provides excellent speed, reliability, transparent pricing and convenient management.

Embedded Solutions.
When a company's privacy policy or technical conditions do not allow to place AI solutions in the cloud, it is possible to create a local solution that is characterized by maximum speed and full control over the data.


Big data analysis and decision making

Artificial Intelligence is able not only to analyze a huge amount of data but also to learn from it, eventually giving increasingly more accurate recommendations. This direction will automate and improve many processes in companies with large volumes of structured data.

Visual Recognition

Artificial intelligence is able to “understand” the content of the video and photo stream and respond accordingly. Machine learning here also allows getting more accurate results over time. There are many application options, from identifying equipment defects to recognizing people and analyzing their behavior.

Work with speech and chatbots

Modern AI technologies allow recognizing, translating and modulating dozens of languages in real time. In turn, chatbots are used by business owners as a tool to provide better service at lower costs. Combining these technologies provides the opportunity to communicate with customers like never before.