Yota Arena

One of the largest e-sports complexes in Russia and Europe









Singularity Lab has developed 3 games for the virtual reality system HTC Vive.

The project is part of the Yota Arena, a e-sports complex located in Moscow, and is aimed at both entertaining and competitive gameplay. The project was created in collaboration with VRPlanet (visuals), IISC (equipment) and ArtTeam (management team on behalf of ESForce holding and Yota). Singularity Lab made all the development, as well as game design and integration part.





Game design for the first two projects was based on the most popular e-sport games – Counter-strike and Dota.



The goal of these projects was to bring new experience and mechanics to the well-known genres. It is what virtual reality does best. These games are designed for a session of up to 15 minutes and can accommodate up to 6 players, 3 for each team. Players use backtops (mobile computers in the backpack form factor) to get rid of wires and feel the complete freedom of virtual reality.






Сombat Arena





In this game, a shootout involving two teams of terrorists and special forces is played out. 

Using physical shelters and interacting with the environment and objects around, players must destroy the enemy team.


The key to victory is teamplay.



In this project, we implemented two unique solutions:



Integration of the physical environment into the virtual world


Full-body tracking using inverse kinematics and SteamVR tracking





Magic Arena






A game in the genre of a multiplayer online battle arena, where the two opposing sides have the same power and only actions of the players can forge the path to victory. In this game, we tried to keep the original concept of the genre as much as possible, adding few features. For example:




Physical use of spells

Now you really need to throw arrows or fireballs.





Dash movement 

To cover large distances in a blink of an eye.





Tower upgrades

The tactical potential of the game is fully revealed thanks to the system of improvements to the defensive structures and barracks, as well as the possibility to summon giant creatures.






 VR Bar


This project is a unique real bar in which players can immerse themselves in one of three scenarios:

Space station, magic forest and Desert city.





They can interact with environment and other players.

In addition, there are mini-games inside the bar, which include battles with bosses and PvP fights.



Space station







Magic forest






Desert city











The main difficulty in development throughout the project was networking. A lot of parts of multi-user sessions and cross-platform interaction made us work hard. As a result, the Singularity Lab team developed best practices to quickly create stable multi-user VR solutions.

These best practices will form the basis of all future projects of the company.






Optimization remains the core part of a comfortable experience in virtual reality. We constantly update our development methods and subsequent optimization for maximum performance and visual quality.