A virtual reality game

"Machine Learning: Episode I" - the first virtual reality game of the company.










Machine Learning: Episode I - is the first game of the series, developed by Singularity Lab specifically

for the newest VR systems HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.









 You are playing as a robot with artificial intelligence, created in DARPA laboratory in the not so distant future.

One of the scientists of this laboratory - professor Amal Ansari is carrying out tests for evaluation of physical,

spatial and cognitive abilities of AI. 









You will be solving a series of unique and varied tasks by utilising the VR capabilities on the scale of a room

and by using controllers tracked in space.







A player has a set of high tech devices, needed to pass the tests.

You should be quick and attentive in order to prove your suitability for a real duty.








This game is a prologue to the series. In the following episodes, the difficulty of technical tasks will be expanded by new mechanics, including switching between the robots, macro control of several units and simple visual programming. In the future, we are planning to use the latest developments in the area of voice recognition and learning algorithms, which use neural network.








Our goal is to show an alternative vision of the bright technological future in this game. All of us are already sick and tired of the scenarios with an

evil AI, which tries to exterminate the humanity. We think that technologies like AI will make us better and will allow the humanity to take the

next step in evolution.