iExpo - virtual 3D exhibitions

platform for virtual 3D exhibitions
and conferences

Due to the global pandemic, all public events are canceled, introduced travel restrictions. Companies have no places where they could present their products.

Singularity Lab developed crossplatform solution - virtual interactive online 3D exhibition, where customers can:: create your own virtual avatar, walk through the exhibition, visit different conferences, listen to speakers, explore the proposed range of goods and services. All this while staying at home!

Virtual space

Real 3D and complete freedom of action. Moving around the exhibition and studying the exhibitors - everything is as in reality

Unique stands
Different functionality for exhibitors to attract visitors and get leads. You can present products using videos, presentations and even interactive 3D models.

Communications and networking
The main component of conferences and exhibitions is reaching a new level. Communication with visitors, organization of meetings, exchange of contacts and all this in a convenient online format.

Cross-platform solution
The iExpo platform is available on all modern devices on Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android. To participate in the event, you only need stable Internet access.


All like in real life and even more!
In a pandemic, it is either difficult or impossible to carry out activities. Our platform allows you to hold an exhibition or conference without risk for participants.

Immersive effect
Thanks to the use of advanced 3D technologies, visitors and exhibitors can immerse themselves in a virtual space and get the same effect as from a real event.

Analytics for all participants
Exhibition organizers and exhibitors get the opportunity to accurately track indicators and visitor activity.

Branding and corporate identity
Our platform allows you to create unique styles for different events. Additionally, you can brand applications and create a separate website.

Special functionality for special clients
The flexibility of the iExpo platform makes it easy to expand its functionality and add unique capabilities

iExpo supports many languages and can easily switch between them. Making edits takes minimal time.

Stands - basis of exhibition

Features of the stands:
Lots of options
4 standard stand categories: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond. The higher the category, the larger and more functional the stand will be.

Interactive 3D models
Demonstrate better product features and attract more attention.

Leave ordinary exhibitions in the past
Hold your digital exhibition
Link to iExpo website:

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