An interim presentation of the interactive museum



On 4th of September, we had an interim presentation of the interactive museum of EmbaMunaiGas company.

On the opening day (the 1st of December 2015), it will become the most technologically advanced museum in Kazakhstan and Central Asia.

We have used the most advanced technologies in the development of the museum, including 3D mapping, interactive projections, gesture control, spherical cinema, virtual and augmented reality.

Museum tells us about the oil history of Atyrau region and the founder of the oil industry in Kazakhstan - EmbaMunaiGas company.


There are over 100 years of history behind this company, which turned into a massive amount of information. It would be impossible to show all of that in a traditional type of the museum. Technological component of the museum immerses the visitors in the history of the company in a unique way.

Singularity Lab is proud of the achieved results and is looking forward to a full scale launch in December.